Lady Demetria Jackson, affectionately known as Lady DJ, is the First Lady and Spiritual Mother of the Fresh Start Community Church in Houston, TX where she serves in leadership alongside her husband, Bishop Isaiah Jackson, Jr.  As a native Houstonian, she is a proud graduate of James Madison Senior High School.  In 2010, Lady DJ realized and answered the call to ministry that was on her life.  Her “Yes!” did not come without cost, as shortly after her initial sermon, life became riddled with attacks.  This minor setback was a set up for a major comeback when in 2015; she stood in her new God-ordained authority to preach her first official sermon.


Lady DJ is a prophetic vessel that has been equipped to break chains and set captives free.  The fruit of her ministry are evident through the manifestations of divine internal and external healing; total deliverance from various addictions and alternate lifestyles; cancellation of suicidal thoughts; and the dismantling of generational curses to name a few.  In addition to the spirits that have had to succumb to the power of God on Lady DJ’s life, several individuals that have sat under her anointing and/or have connected with her have been blessed to experience financial releases, entrepreneurial establishment and success, and a host of other great testimonies.


While Lady DJ considers herself to be a “Word Girl”, in May 2014, she extended her resume by becoming officially certified as a Life Coach through Life In Bloom Institute.  This accomplishment was a monumental achievement purposed to further her 10 plus years of servitude in the areas of inspiration, empowerment, and vision pushing across the world.  Lady DJ’s genuine mission to assist every individual she encounters, in their pursuit of greatness became the foundation for Me2 Life Coaching, founded in 2014.  She firmly believes that no matter the obstacles that life has presented; GREATER is always in front of you!  She also possesses the strong conviction that divine connections are intended to propel individuals into direct placement with purpose and success.  According to her life philosophy, we are always ONE CONNECTION away from the next open door.


As a wife, mother, CEO, and preacher, Lady DJ stands boldly and courageously on the Word of God.  Frequently, she can be heard quoting her favorite scripture, Romans 8:18, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”  This scripture is in line with her vision to activate, inspire, and lead men and women across the globe to follow God’s plan for their lives.  Lady DJ often feels compelled to encourage those that make her acquaintance to stay in heavy pursuit of divine connections that will guide them directly to their destiny. She endeavors to be a living example and prove by her testimony, that one’s dream can become their reality too if they would only wake up and live it. 

Lady Demetria ' The Preaching DJ ' Jackson

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